20 weight loss tips from diet bloggers

Bloggers who have lost up to 150 pounds share the secrets to their success.
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You know how it goes: Each day you carefully plan out your diet-friendly fare, only to find yourself face-to-face with cookies on the conference table or a friend's nachos order.

"Being on the go takes you out of your normal routine, which makes food mistakes more likely," says Diane Carbonell, who blogs at fittothefinish.com. But, she adds, you can make a battle plan so you’re armed to resist temptation. It's a strategy that has helped these diet bloggers shed up to 150 pounds each—and stay on track. Their tricks are tested often in their everyday lives

--By Jamie Beckman from Health magazine 

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Pack snacks

"I come in [to the office] with yogurt or a granola bar. If I don't take the time to bring a snack, I'll be tempted to fill the craving in another way, like running to the bakery for a cupcake."

Jennifer Dome, stellarfashionandfitness.com, lost 45 pounds

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Put off your cravings

"When I'm tempted, I tell myself, 'Later.' I'm giving myself permission to have it, just not right now. So it's still on the list of possibilities, but a lot of times, I'll just forget about it."

Cammy Chapel, tippytoediet.com, lost 100 pounds

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Just say no

"If your co-worker breaks out a bag of mini candy bars, ask yourself, 'Am I going to feel better if I have one?' This makes you get into the habit of saying no (and then saying yes only if you really want it). If you ask yourself that question, you realize that you can say no and move on."

Annabel Adams, feedmeimcranky.com, lost 150 pounds

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Don't bring junk food home

"I make my house a 'safe zone.' I don’t bring home any food that will be tempting. I also make it easy on myself: As soon as I bring groceries home, I immediately cut up fruit so it is readily available."

Shelley Bowman, myjourneytofit.com, lost 110 pounds

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Satisfy your ice cream craving

"If I want something sweet late at night, I pour a 40-calorie serving of vanilla almond milk over a quarter cup of frozen blueberries. It's a great alternative to ice cream."

Lisa McRee, theskinny.us.com, lost 34 pounds

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Hit the supermarket solo

"I try to never bring my husband and kids to the grocery store with me. If we all go together, they'll put a bunch of crap in the cart!"

Josie Maurer, yumyucky.com, lost 38 pounds

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Close up the kitchen

"After dinner, I always clean up the kitchen and turn off the lights. I was a huge nighttime snacker before I lost the weight—cookies, ice cream, you name it! Seeing that light off is a stop sign signaling that I'm done for the evening—the kitchen is closed."

Diane Carbonell

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Dress up your pantry

"I bought 40 big glass pickling jars with gaskets for all of my dry goods. So when I go to make meals, I can see my lentils, my black-eyed peas, my wasabi peas, my nuts. Having those good ingredients right there, ready to go, really does keep you from preparing something bad for you."

—Lisa McRee

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Shop smart

"I start in the produce section; shopping the perimeter of the store first gives me a nice layer of healthful food in my cart. Then, I'm so inspired by what’s already there, I'm less likely to add something that’s junky. It's a mental game."

—Shelley Bowman

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