10 Best Bath Products for Baby

Cleaning your kid doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out moms’ favorite shampoos and washes.
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Best for Babies With Eczema

California Baby recently came out with a shampoo and body wash made just for babies with eczema. California Baby Therapeutic Relief Eczema Shampoo & Bodywash is super-gentle and okay for babies with all kinds of allergies -- there's no gluten, soy, oat or dairy in it. The brand is already a big hit with moms. "California Baby was awesome for my second son, who had super-sensitive skin until he was about one year old," says jksmom99. $32, CaliforniaBaby.com

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Best for Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is inevitable, but you can stop it from getting worse with a good cream. "I've tried lots of diaper creams, and Lavanila's The Healthy Baby Bottom is my favorite by far," says tartaruga. "It's pricey, but a little goes a long way, and it's amazing how quickly it heals rashes (plus it smells nice)." $15, Sephora.com

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Best All-Natural on a Budget

Method's home products, like hand soap and dish soap, are already popular with moms who want something environmentally friendly. Scout2005 says, "I like that they have lower toxicity ratings, they don't contain phthalates, soy or parabens, and they don't test on animals. They're very active in the cruelty-free movement, and I love that." Method Squeaky Green Bubble Bath has fun packaging, plus it's tear-free, hypoallergenic and pediatrician-approved. Baby will be able to enjoy her bath, and you won't have to worry about harsh chemicals irritating her skin. $6, BabiesRUs.com

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Best for Cradle Cap

Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns is designed specifically to treat cradle cap (those dry patches on baby's head). "We used (and still use) the Mustela newborn shampoo on my son," says BEATOU. "He has extremely sensitive skin and developed cradle cap. The shampoo took care of the cradle cap and never caused any skin irritation." $12, BabiesRUs.com

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Best Starter Kit

If you're already a fan of Burt's Bees' other products (we love the lip balm!), you'll like its gentle baby line. The products are chemical-free and hypoallergenic. This Baby Bee Getting Started Kit is perfect to test out -- it comes with lotion, shampoo and wash, diaper ointment, nourishing oil and buttermilk soap. Plus, some Bumpies love stealing a little for themselves every now and then. NHmommy1 says, "I think their baby products smell so yummy! I use the baby lotion for myself too." $13, BurtsBees.com

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Best Scent

Baby will smell so good after bath time with this citrus-scented wash. One Bumpie, kristin172429, says, "I just started using Little Twig. It's hard not to eat baby up after a bath because he smells so yummy! It's definitely less drying than the other product we were using too." Little Twig Happy Tangerine Baby Wash contains vitamin E and is made with all organic ingredients. Plus, the packaging is super-cute! $18, LittleTwig.com

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Best for Growing With Baby

This formula is packed with antioxidants and natural herbs and botanicals to keep baby's skin clean and soft. Plus, if baby (and you!) likes it a lot, you can keep right on using it: Arbonne Baby Care Hair & Body Wash is recommended for children from birth to 10 years old. Bumpie Kingston54 says, "What I like about it is it's free of chemicals like parabens and it smells good." $18, Arbonne.ca

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Best for Bubble Baths

Honest Bubble Bath has a refreshing tangerine scent and isn't harsh on the skin. And the new eco-friendly brand is already a hit with some moms. "They're the best baby products I've ever used, and they even have diapers and wipes," says Thebaby. "They're all-natural, and we love them because they don't give baby bad rashes like other products do." $12, Honest.com

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Best Foam Wash

Bath time will be a lot more fun with the foam from this wash and shampoo (think of all the silly 'dos you can give baby!). And if you spend a lot of time trying out these new foam styles in the bath, baby's skin won't dry up afterward. "We do baths every night but only use soap two times a week," says genekelly. "When we do, we use BabyGanics Foamin' Fun Body Wash & Shampoo. His skin hasn't dried out at all." Plus, it's tear-free, nontoxic and hypoallergenic. $9, giggle.com

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Best for Sensitive Skin

This one is perfect for babies with super-sensitive skin. Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo is made from natural oat extracts and is soap-free. "Aveeno is the only kind of soap and shampoo I use on my daughter," says Corrine10. "I love it. It's sensitive with a good smell." And if you're worried about scents being too much for baby, it's light enough to not irritate her. $8, Drugstore.com

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