6 ways to banish bloat every day

Next time you've got a thing to go to and you want to look fabulous, use Alison Sweeney's sane guide to de-bloating, overnight.
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Lighten up your protein

I've heard actresses on the red carpet say, "I can see my lunch in this dress!" But the answer isn't to not eat, it's to avoid things that are heavy. While chicken and meat can be healthy, I've found that a flaky white fish or a grilled or poached piece of salmon makes me feel and look lighter. Plenty of veggies and a serving of quinoa, which is high in protein, keep me sated. Bonus: Quinoa is rich in potassium, a nutrient that helps fight bloat.

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Chew your water

When you're not getting enough H20, your body actually starts to retain water to prevent dehydration. To avoid a bloated belly, I sip all day and snack on water-rich fruits and veggies. Watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, and oranges are as hydrating as water.

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Have a little coffee

I'll just put this out there: Caffeine can help get things moving through your system. If you regularly start your day with coffee, by all means, have a big cup.

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Beware the BYOB (bring your own bloat) effect

I'm the type of girl who likes a glass of wine with dinner, but a few days before an event, I'll cut it out. It's not just the calories in booze you need to watch out for—alcohol can also dehydrate you, causing your body to cling to every molecule of water and make you puffier all over.

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Be a salt spy

Every person reacts differently to salt, but for many of us, sodium has the same water-retaining effect as alcohol. That's why I avoid the obvious baddies—pickles, soy sauce—and look at ingredient labels for stealth salt traps. Bread, for example, doesn't taste salty, but it's a top source of sodium.

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Eat dinner at bloat o'clock

On a typical night, I feed the kids, then eat with my husband later. But in the days leading up to an event, we all eat together around 6:30 p.m. When you have more time to digest before bed, you wake up with a flatter tummy the next day—so close the kitchen early.

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