25 cleanest packaged food awards 2014

We scoured supermarket shelves, scrutinized labels, and ate (a lot) to find winners that soared above our standards.
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Eating clean doesn’t have to begin and end at the farmers’ market (though that is an admirable place to start). Grocery stores, too, have much to offer if you know what to look for, proving that convenience can coexist with clean ingredients. And that’s where our awards come in. We scoured supermarket shelves, scrutinized labels, and ate (a lot) to find winners that soared above our standards.

Our Criteria:

  1. Contain no more than 10 g of added sugar, in accordance with our Sugar Smart app
  2. Have fewer than 200 mg of sodium per serving (or 400 mg for meals)
  3. Come in cans free of BPA
  4. Are sustainable according to Monterey Bay Aquarium seafood criteria (if fish)
  5. Are made without genetically modified ingredients

You can download the full list of the 100 Cleanest Packaged Foods here.

By Mandy Oaklander

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Bob’s Red Mill Organic High Fiber Pancake Mix

Keep this Bob’s bag on hand, and you’ll never feel guilty about indulging a pancake craving. These fibrous flapjacks pack 28 percent of your daily allotment and have just 2 grams of sugar.

Nutrition   (⅓ cup): 180 calories, 7 g protein, 36 g carbs, 7 g fiber, 1.5 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 400 mg sodium, 2 g sugar

Ingredients   Organic whole wheat pastry flour, organic Scottish oatmeal, organic vital wheat gluten, organic wheat bran, organic evaporated cane juice sugar, organic flaxseed meal, baking powder (monocalcium phosphate, bicarbonate of soda, cornstarch), sea salt, organic oat bran, organic wheat germ


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purely Elizabeth. Ancient Grain Oatmeal

Rare is the oatmeal with 460 mg of omega-3s. But Purely Elizabeth’s packs quinoa flakes, chia, hemp and flax into the mix (and yes, it still tastes good, promise!) Stir in some peanut butter, top it with fruit, or use it to fluff up healthy pancakes.

Nutrition   (⅓ cup): 170 calories, 7 g protein, 30 g carbs, 5 g fiber, 3.5 g fat, 0.5 g saturated fat, 0 mg sodium, 0 g sugar

Ingredients   Organic gluten-free oats, organic quinoa flakes, organic Salba chia seed, organic amaranth puffs, organic hemp seeds, organic flax seeds


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NuttZo Crunchy Seven Nut & Seed Butter (peanut-free)

Nuttzo has a wonderfully unique texture, splitting the difference between crunchy and creamy. (Best of both worlds!) You’ll be shocked by how delicious nuts can taste when they’re blended with seeds and completely unsweetened. Nuts? No. Genius? Yes.

Nutrition   (2 Tbsp): 180 calories, 6 g protein, 8 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 15 g fat, 2.5 g saturated fat, 65 mg sodium, 1 g sugar

Ingredients   Organic almonds, organic cashews, organic Brazil nuts, organic pumpkin seeds, organic chia seeds, organic flax seeds, organic hazelnuts, sea salt


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Justin’s Classic Peanut Butter

A perennial favorite, these jars of creamy protein butters never last long in our fridge. Spread Justin’s on whole-grain toast, or blend it into one of your favorite smoothies .

Nutrition   (2 Tbsp): 200 calories, 7 g protein, 7 g carbs, 2 g fiber, 17 g fat, 3 g saturated fat, 0 mg sodium, 1 g sugar

Ingredients   Dry roasted peanuts, organic palm fruit oil


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Once Again Organic Sunflower Seed Butter

Gone are the days when the nut-averse had to forgo creamy, fatty spreads. Welcome to the world of seed butters! Sunflower butter is one of our fiber-filled favorites, with a nearly-nutty flavor that tastes fabulous stirred into a bowl of oatmeal. Click here for other fatty foods that can actually lower your blood cholesterol.

Nutrition   (30 g): 170 calories, 5 g protein, 8 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 14 g fat, 1.5 g saturated fat, 90 mg sodium, 3 g sugar

Ingredients   Organic sunflower seeds, organic sugar cane, salt


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Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal—Goji Cacao

When you’re a raw, vegan, gluten-free cereal and you can win on taste alone then you know you’ve gotta be good. Vigilant Eats is downright delicious and almost too convenient: just add cold water, stir, and enjoy with the included spoon. Luckily for us, it’s now available in airports across the U.S.

Nutrition   (3 oz): 300 calories, 11 g protein, 51 g carbs, 8 g fiber, 7 g fat, 1.5 g saturated fat, 30 mg sodium, 6 g sugar

Ingredients   Gluten free organic oats, gluten free organic oat flour, organic coconut palm sugar, raw organic goji berries, raw organic cacao nibs, organic maple powder, organic hemp flour, organic yacon root powder, raw organic cinnamon


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Rudi’s Gluten-Free Plain Tortillas

With whole grains this good, who needs gluten? Rudi’s uses an ancient grain mix of teff, amaranth, and quinoa to put a new spin on tortillas. Theirs pack more fiber than you ever imagined one tortilla could hold—5 grams!—and keep sugar low at just 1 gram. Upgrade taco night even more with one of these 6 easy Mexican meals.

Nutrition   (1 tortilla): 90 calories, 1 g protein, 17 g carbs, 5 g fiber, 2.5 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 190 mg sodium, 1 g sugar

Ingredients   Whole grain flours (sorghum, brown rice, corn, amaranth, quinoa, millet, teff), corn starch, tapioca flour, rice flour, water, non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil, xanthan gum, evaporated cane juice, cultured dextrose and maltodextrin, salt, guar gum, baking powder (monocalcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch), malic acid, active dry yeast, apple cider vinegar


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Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Bread

You can’t make the perfect PB&J without perfectly textured bread. Food For Life’s sprouted whole grain variety is hearty without being dry, a real feat considering its minimal ingredient list.

Nutrition   (1 slice): 80 calories, 4 g protein, 15 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 0.5 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 75 mg sodium, 0 g sugar

Ingredients   Organic sprouted wheat, organic sprouted barley, organic sprouted millet, organic malted barley, organic sprouted lentils, organic sprouted soybeans, organic sprouted spelt, filtered water, fresh yeast, organic wheat gluten, sea salt


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Amy’s Organic Refried Beans, Light in Sodium

Beans don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, which is why we love Amy’s take. They’re simply spiced without a lot of sodium, the perfect fibrous snack to pour over rice or garnish with avocado.

Nutrition   (½ cup): 140 calories, 7 g protein, 22 g carbs, 6 g fiber, 3 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 190 mg sodium, 1 g sugar

Ingredients   Organic pinto beans, filtered water, organic onions, organic high oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, organic garlic, sea salt, organic spices


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