Superman sweep

Muscles worked: Erector spinae, gluteals, abs, rotator cuff,
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Start: Begin on your hands and knees. Then raise your right leg straight up in back, stopping when your thigh is parallel to the floor and hip level. Avoid letting your right hip tilt up, keep your pelvis level so that your abdomen faces down. With your right leg raised, raise the left arm up in front, stopping when it is parallel to the floor and in line with your back and leg. Stabilize yourself in this position by tightening all the muscles in your abs, butt and back.
Technique tip: Look down and tuck your chin in to your neck.
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Finish: With the arm and opposite leg raised, stabilize your body, then pull your left elbow down toward the outside of your ribcage, sliding your left hand horizontally through the air as if you were wiping a table.  Feel the left shoulder blade move toward your spine as you complete this arm sweep. Then extend your arm straight in front again and repeat. Then switch sides.
Common error: Dropping the back leg when your arm moves
Fit fix: Keep your butt tight as you slide you arms back and forth.
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