There's a supplement for that

Find out which ones help you cheer up, increase libido, lose weight and build muscle.
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Supplements are like the apps of the nutrition and wellness world. Got a specific need? There's a supplement for that. Have to lose weight or gain muscle before beach season? Check. Suffering from stress or mood swings? Check. But not all supplements—or their manufacturers—are created equal. Before you negotiate the supplement aisle of your health-food store, you'll want to consult this guide.

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Build Muscle

SUPPLEMENT: Whey Protein Powder

While preparing for Blade: Trinity, Ryan Reynolds used whey shakes to tone his six-pack.


BEST BRAND: Solgar Whey

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Reduce Stress


It boosts the brain's levels of alpha waves; meditation has a similar effect.


BEST BRAND: Source Naturals

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Thicken Hair


Celebrity stylist Cristophe (past clients range from Bruce Springsteen to Bill Clinton) sells his own line of thickening shampoo that's fortified with biotin.

DAILY DOSE: 2,500mcg

BEST BRAND: Nature's Bounty

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Increase Libido

SUPPLEMENT: Korean red ginseng

Porn icon Ron Jeremy has endorsed VigRX penis-enlargement pills (which contain red ginseng), calling the results "huge."

DAILY DOSE: 1,500mg

BEST BRAND: Triverex

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Lose Weight

SUPPLEMENT: Psyllium Fiber

Fiber keeps you regular, makes you feel full, and subsequently promotes weight loss.

DAILY DOSE: 2 tbsp

BEST BRAND: Metamucil

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Improve Skin

SUPPLEMENT: Zinc Gluconate

In France, zinc gluconate is used as a prescription drug to treat acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

DAILY DOSE: 15mg twice a day with food

BEST BRAND: Nature Made

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Cheer Up


Dr. Oz has touted the benefits of SAMe (pronounced "sammy") for treating depression by punching up neurotransmitters.

DAILY DOSE: 400mg twice a day

BEST BRAND: Nature's Sunshine

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Lower Cholesterol

SUPPLEMENT: Beta-sitosterol

The plant sterol blocks the absorption of LDL (bad cholesterol) in the gut by up to 27 percent.

DAILY DOSE: 300mg (before eating)


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Strengthen Heart


This powerful antioxidant has been shown to reverse gum disease, which can be a predictor of heart attacks.


BEST BRAND: Nature Made

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