Little ways to feel healthier and happier

Our best health and fitness tips including the one move that tones all, berry news and more.
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Use chopsticks, lose weight

Experts say they help slow eating, so you may end up consuming less. A study found that Chinese buffet guests who were a healthy weight were nearly three times more likely to eat with chopsticks—smart (fortune) cookies!

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Walk the walk …

... and while kicking cancer's butt. You know how good you feel after you exercise? Multiply that times a thousand by signing up for one of the American Cancer Society's (ACS) Relay for Life events. Your steps will help celebrate ACS's 100th birthday this year and raise money to finish the fight against the disease. Find a race in your area at

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New metabolism tip!

Eat a little something before you caffeinate, okay? "Caffeine before breakfast is a metabolism-killer," says Haylie Pomroy, nutritionist to stars like Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon and author of The Fast Metabolism Diet. "If you ingest coffee with no food on board, your body is more likely to lose muscle, instead of burning fat."

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Instagram your lunch

Before you dig in, try snapping a picture of that sammy or salad, then look at it when you hear the siren song of the vending machine later. Science says the memory of having eaten a large meal can make you feel significantly less hungry even hours after you chow down.

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Little light lie

All you former wild-child moms out there, here's some permission to keep quiet about your history: According to researchers from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, kids whose parents admitted to experimenting with drugs in the past were more likely to report being pro substance-use. They might think, Mom and Dad lived to tell the tale, so what's the harm? Have the talk—just leave out the stories of your own teeny-tiny indiscretions.

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Swallow your SPF

Slathering on sunscreen is a must, but new research suggests you may also be able to help shield yourself from the inside out. Women who took an aspirin a couple of times a week had a 21 percent lower risk of developing melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Of course, talk to your doc before you start on this regimen.

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Make like a baby …

... and crawl! "Moving around on all fours engages every muscle in your body at once: your abs, arms, legs, butt, back, everything," says Mike Fitch, who created what he calls the Animal Flow workout at Equinox. So the next time you're on the floor cleaning up that mess whoever made, at least you can feel good about the toning action.

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Happy feet

Exercise is hard enough—you might as well have sneaks this astonishingly cute. Reebok's SmoothFlex sneaker isn't just peppy-looking; it also has flexible nodes on the bottom that are designed to provide a natural running stride, so you won't feel like you're plodding around during your 5K (or your sprint through the mall). $80;

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Hunger buster

If that bucket of fried chicken won't stop chirping your name, make like Jane Fonda and Jazzercize. A new study found that women who exerted themselves during exercise (think: running, not walking) devoured significantly less at a buffet afterward than those who lounged around or just walked. Sweat more, eat less--all better!

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Dim down, perk up

Switching on fewer lamps at night will cut your electric bill--and may also make you happier. According to new research from Johns Hopkins University, limiting overexposure to bright lights in the evening could keep your brain from activating the stress hormones that drag on your mood. So do burger night by candlelight.

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