Famous doctors who aren't

These well-known "docs" have the title, but not the medical degree.
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Doctors carry a certain cachet, but some of the more famous personalities we call "Dr." never stepped foot in a medical school. We've provided hints about some of our favorite "doctors" who aren't actually licensed to practice medicine. Think you know who they are? Check your answers to be sure.

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The sex therapist

This pop culture icon was recognized in Playboy's 55th anniversary issue (who was on the cover?) as one of the most important people related to sex. Though she holds a Ph.D. in education, the diminutive "doc" is best known for her heavy accent and frank talk about sex and empowerment.

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The children's author

This beloved children's author is known for his imaginative characters and clever rhymes. Generations of fans regularly mispronounced his pen name, which rhymes with "voice," so he eventually changed it to rhyme with "goose." Though that name includes the designation of "doctor," he never became one.

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The gunfighter

This famous 19th century "doc" went to dental school, but gave up dentistry and became a professional gambler and legendary gunfighter of the American Wild West instead. He is best known for his friendship with Wyatt Earp and his role in the famed Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in 1881.

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The alien

This (science-) fictional "doctor" is actually a time-traveling alien who has been fighting villains on British TV since 1963. Though he's not a medical doctor, he has a skill most doctors would probably appreciate: He has the ability to regenerate.

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The radio host

This famous "doctor" is best known for her no-nonsense approach to family and marital advice on her popular talk-radio show. She's also a best-selling author of self-help books such as "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands." She has a Ph.D. in physiology but no medical degree.

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The rapper

He's a rapper, not a doctor, but more people know him by his "Dr." moniker than by his real name. And thanks to a lucrative side business selling premium headphones and speakers, Forbes recently named him the richest man in hip-hop.

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The politician

This Nobel Peace Prize winner has a long list of accomplishments, but graduating from medical school is not one of them. Still, the former secretary of state (under Presidents Ford and Nixon) has been called "Dr." for years and holds a Ph.D. in international relations.

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The alter ego

This doctor is actually the alter ego of a late musician, a member of The Beatles. Dr. Winston O'Boogie is credited as a songwriter on the Harry Nilsson album "Pussycats." Here's a hint: His middle name is Winston.

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The band leader

This musician led the band on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" and became famous for his musical talent and flashy outfits. He earned the nickname "Little Doc" as a child of a dentist.

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