Celebrity health tricks

From bathing in red wine to drinking urine (!), see what these famous faces do in the pursuit of health and beauty.
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The rich and famous are just like the rest of us when it comes to wanting to be at their healthy best. However, they often go about it very differently. Sure, they exercise and eat well, but celebrities don’t stop there. Read on to find out the wackiest things they try in pursuit of good health.

--By Sally Wadyka, MSN Healthy Living

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Special seeds

The Oscar-winning actress and wife of a rock star chows down on these special seeds to fill her up. In a recipe on her popular lifestyle website, the star recommends mixing one-quarter cup of the seeds with water and letting them congeal into a pudding, perfect for breakfast or a snack (get the recipe). Although they might not be everyone’s idea of a yummy start to the day, the seeds do pack a healthy amount of protein, antioxidants and omega-3s.

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Apple cider vinegar

This star singer-songwriter has revealed that her weight-control trick is to down a couple of tablespoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar before every meal. She and other proponents of the technique claim it helps curb the appetite and promote fat burning, but science doesn’t really back them up. (No word on whether the singer has continued this regimen now that she’s pregnant.)

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Grapefruit oil

This singer-actress works hard to keep her curvaceous body in top shape. One part of her strenuous routine? She keeps a vial of grapefruit oil (shop for it) handy and sniffs it to quell her appetite. While there is plenty of evidence that aromatherapy can have such brain-tricking effects, proof that this particular diet tip works is lacking.

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B-12 boosters

This celeb is notorious for flaunting her amazingly buff body, and she shows no sign of slowing down even though she has hit her 50s. One of the things she claims helps keep her going: injections of vitamin B-12 (shop for it). The singer (and other fans of the shots) uses them to boost energy and increase metabolism, but experts say only those who suffer from a B-12 deficiency will feel any difference.

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Bathing in red wine

Onscreen, the former "Desperate Housewives" (watch clips) star may have imbibed her share of wine with the other ladies of Wisteria Lane, but in real life she prefers to soak in it. Red wine is rich in polyphenols and the antioxidant resveratrol, so taking a dip in a tub that has a glass of wine mixed in could theoretically help exfoliate skin, keeping it nice and smooth.

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The actress (and ex-wife of this action star and this highly-paid TV actor) may win the prize for strangest health habit. She has been known to practice an extreme detox regimen that involves shaving her body, soaking in turpentine and then letting leeches suck her blood. Sounds creepy, but given how young she looks, she may be on to something.

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Coffee grounds

The "X-Men" actress heads to the kitchen to treat her cellulite, using old coffee grounds to make body scrub (get recipes). Caffeine can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, so skin looks smoother. And the exfoliating nature of a coarse coffee-grind scrub can enhance the effect.

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Baby food

The "Devil's Knot" actress and mother of three isn’t feeding baby food just to her infant son, Tennessee. Rumor has it she’s dishing up strained vegetables and pureed fruit for herself too. The infantile weight-loss plan involves slurping down at least a dozen of those tiny jars a day, plus a low-calorie dinner. And since the jars contain only about 25 to 75 calories each, chances are you will drop a few pounds.

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Fish facelift

The "Sex and the City" (watch clips) star reportedly has followed the so-called “fish face-lift” diet advocated by celebrity dermatologist Nicholas Perricone. It involves eating salmon at every meal to reap the anti-aging skin benefits of all the omega-3s found in the fish.

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