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It's been a "scary" week in pop culture, with several celebrities in the news for various health scares. Morrissey cancelled a show in San Francisco over the weekend after being diagnosed with pneumonia in both lungs (find out more), while Kelly Osbourne, Justin Bieber and Vince Neil all made headlines this week for unexpected health issues.

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Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne was released from the hospital (where was she treated?) today after being given a "clean bill of health" by her doctor. Osbourne gave fans (and her brash co-host) a scare when she suffered a 30-second seizure on the set of "Fashion Police" on March 7 and had been in the hospital since.

On Twitter this week, she compared her hospitalization to an episode of this Fox TV series as doctors tried to determine the cause of the seizure. Some reports suggested she had been diagnosed with this brain disorder, but her rep has denied it.

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Vince Neil

The Motley Crue singer underwent emergency surgery (what for?) Monday after walking offstage mid-concert in Sydney, Australia, Sunday (what happened?). He was rushed to the hospital, cutting short the show.

His bandmates took to Twitter to share the news with fans, and Neil, 52, tweeted about his surgery just 30 minutes after leaving the operating table. On Tuesday, he flew with the band to Brisbane to continue the tour.

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Justin Bieber

The 19-year-old pop superstar was briefly hospitalized (the photo he posted while there) in London after feeling woozy during his concert tour (what happened backstage?) He later cancelled a March 12 show in Portugal (why?). So far, 19 has not been a banner year for Bieber, who tweeted about his "worst birthday" on March 1 after one of his celebrity friends (who?) was denied entry to a club.

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Hillary Clinton

The former secretary of state made headlines over the holidays when she was hospitalized after Christmas last year. The condition stemmed from an earlier injury, when she had fainted and struck her head during a trip to Europe. Doctors said Clinton's condition did not result in a stroke or neurological damage, and she was treated with blood thinners.

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Kate Middleton

The long-anticipated news of a royal baby was eclipsed by concerns for Kate Middleton's health when she was hospitalized in London last year due to this rare pregnancy complication, which can cause severe dehydration and last throughout pregnancy. The hospitalization made international headlines in early December 2012 and forced the royal family to announce the pregnancy before the end of Middleton's first trimester.

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Brooke Burke

The "Dancing With the Stars" co-host had surgery in December of 2012 to remove this type of cancer, an ordeal she shared with fans via videos and blog posts on the blog she cofounded. While recovering, she rested at home and enjoyed marathons of this Emmy-winning TV show, long baths and quality time with her husband. "This whole experience has given my family such a scare that it brought us all closer," she told Us magazine.

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Frankie Muniz

The former "Malcolm in the Middle" star, 26, took to Twitter in early December 2012 to announce he’d suffered from this medical emergency, which is typically associated with people who are older. He told "Good Morning America" that he knew something was wrong when he experienced vision loss in one eye while riding his motorcycle. "Have to start taking care of my body," Muniz tweeted. "Getting old!"

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Lil Wayne

The rapper reportedly had an in-flight medical scare in October 2012 that forced his private jet to make an emergency landing in Texas. Though his camp initially claimed it was merely dehydration and a migraine that ailed Weezy, the rapper later revealed he was taking medication to prevent what had happened. Doctors also recommend he drinks four bottles of water a day.

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John Mayer

There was a time when even John Mayer wanted John Mayer to shut up (remember the backlash from the Jen Aniston breakup interview and his Jessica Simpson comments in Playboy?). But in August of 2012, the singer and lothario was silenced for a second time by this condition, for which he had previously undergone surgery in October of 2011.

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