11 foods that fight signs of aging

Find out which eats can take years off your look
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Did you know the fountain of youth could be right in your kitchen? These age-fighting foods minimize wrinkles, keep skin smooth and more. Click through to discover what to eat now to benefit your looks for a lifetime.

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Minimize fine lines and wrinkles

Mango is loaded with vitamins A and C. Together they work hard to brighten and promote cell turnover for smoother, more youthful-looking skin.


Skin-softening mask

1 mango (peeled and sliced)

1 egg white

In a blender, purée the mango, then add the egg white. Whip the mixture until stiff. Apply with your fingertips to your face and neck using upward strokes. Let it sit on skin for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Finish with a dose of face lotion.

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Protect yourself from the sun

Cooked tomatoes, like those found in tomato-based soups and stews, have the highest levels of lycopene, a natural UV blocker for your body.

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"Good nutrition leads to radiant, healthy skin," says Joanna Vargas, celebrity facialist. She recommends starting each day with a skin-calming green juice. Greens help drain your lymphatic system, which depuffs your complexion. In a juicer or food processor, combine the following ingredients:

1 cup sliced pineapple

½ cucumber

½ green apple

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Mash three strawberries and apply them to your face for 10 minutes, then rinse. They gently exfoliate skin, while the vitamin C works to make skin brighter.

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Red peppers

Keep skin smooth and supple

Munch on fresh red peppers to achieve beautiful texture. They're full of vitamin C, which promotes radiance and protects your skin's moisture barrier, keeping it hydrated.

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Blood oranges

Block aging free radicals

Exposure to harsh elements like pollution, sun or cigarette smoke can take a toll on your skin. Enjoying an antioxidant-rich fruit like a blood orange helps your skin defend itself.

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Prevent sagging skin

Flavonoids, which help strengthen skin's connective tissue, and collagen-boosting vitamin C make fresh blackberries the perfect treat to help firm up your skin.

SOURCES: Marina Peredo, MD, dermatologist and founder, Spatique Medical Spa. David Pollock, creator, PUR attitude skincare, and author, 101 Recipes for Beauty.

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This tropical fruit packs a punch of vitamin C, an antioxidant that wards off skin damage from the sun and pollution. These environmental stressors can break down collagen (the glue that keeps your skin together), causing it to thin and sag. Enjoy the occasional glass of guava juice. Or try fresh guava: Just slice it in half, scoop out the seeds and dig in!

Use a body cream infused with guava fruit extract, like Cuccio Naturalé Papaya & Guava Nectar Butter Blend ($15; Amazon.com), to strengthen skin.

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Soybeans (snack on steamed edamame) and tofu (great in stir-fries) contain plenty of hyaluronic acid, which is in almost every cell of your body—with the highest levels found in your skin. This acid attracts moisture and keeps skin looking plump.

Swap in a daily foundation that contains soy, such as Neutrogena Visibly Even BB Cream SPF 30 ($14.94; Amazon.com) to give your face a healthier appearance.

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