Actors who played sick in movies

Can you name the illness portrayed in these famous films?
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Ashton Kutcher made headlines when he was hospitalized after adopting Steve Jobsunusual diet habits while preparing to star in the biopic “Jobs,” in theaters April 19. But he’s not the only movie star to have suffered for his art. From extreme weight loss to broken ribs, here’s a look at what other actors went through to depict illness onscreen.

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50 Cent

The rapper says he's serious about becoming an actor, and his prep work for this 2011 drama showed that he wasn't joking. Fiddy, who starred under his real name (what is it?), underwent brutal preparation for his role as a football player who gets cancer.

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Christian Bale

Actor Christian Bale isn't the first to play someone with the horrific psychological burden he portrayed in this 2004 psychological thriller (who else is famous for it?). But Bale's character's condition led to scary weight loss and possible psychosis.

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Nicolas Cage

In this 1995 romantic drama," Nic Cage plays a screenwriter with a drinking problem who feels surrounded by failure, so he moves to Las Vegas with an unusual goal.

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Julie Christie

Julie Christie plays a happily married, healthy woman in this 2007 film whose disease is slow to take hold, but as it does, it devastates her marriage. The film marked the feature-length film directorial debut of Sarah Polley, who was still in her twenties (how old?) when she adapted this Alice Munro story especially for Christie.

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Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe received much praise for his portrayal of a Nobel Prize-winning mathematician in this Oscar-winning 2001 biographical drama. But it wasn't this real-life mathematician's academic brilliance that presented the heartbreak of the film; it was his serious mental illness.

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Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewisfirst shot to global stardom in this 1989 film, based on the life of an Irish painter and writer who suffered from an extreme form of disability and was thought to be very mentally impaired. But by using the only limb he could move, he broke through communication barriers and became an international inspiration.

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo DiCaprio was just 19 when he got his first Oscar nomination and win for this 1993 drama. While many think his co-star (who?) gave the performance of a lifetime, it was DiCaprio's portrayal of a disabled teen that captured critics' attention.

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Sally Field

Sally Field won an Emmy for her dramatic role in this 1976 TV movie. Her character, Sybil, reportedly suffered from a mental illness that gained notoriety in the '60s and '70s.

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Andy Garcia

Movies have often been criticized for showing the glamour of smoking, but none of the ill effects. This 1991 time-travel thriller co-starring these once-married Brit stars, does just that: Co-star Andy Garcia is shown smoking constantly, and his habit has taken its toll on the character by the end of the film.

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