14 sexy tricks to boost your libido

Try these easy tricks to recharge your mojo
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Going through a desire dry spell? It's easier than you think to get revved back up again. Skip the so-called aphrodisiacs and try these simple libido boosters. They'll amp up your sex drive and leave you feeling sexier all day long.

-- By Anna Davies

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Take a yoga class

Hitting the mat helps ensure hot action later that evening. Studies have shown that exercise increases sexual response, which may be because it allows more blood to pump to your nether regions. "In addition, studies have found that yoga in particular can enhance desire in women," notes Diana Wiley, sex therapist and professor at the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists.
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Give your bedroom a makeover

Studies have found a correlation between novelty and sexual desire—it's one of the reasons you're always rarin' to go when you're in a brand new relationship. And even if you and your guy have been together forever, it's easy to inject novelty into your bond. Have sex in the living room, rearrange your bedroom so the bed is by the window instead of the wall (bonus: exhibitionistic aspect can increase your adrenaline, which will also make the sex that much hotter) or make a reservation at a hotel for the night to get the effect, suggests Wiley.
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Order an after-dinner cup of coffee

Not only does java keep you awake, but it can also make you feel frisky. Some studies have shown that caffeine can enhance desire. Not only that, but the caffeine kick can give you additional energy and stamina for evening action.

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Begin a slow burn

Start the day by sexting, send a suggestive photo—like of your lips in close up—at lunch, and by dinner, you'll both be ready to pounce. Keeping sex on the forefront of your mind guarantees that a cocktail of libido-enhancing hormones, like dopamine, serotonin, and testosterone, are floating in your brain, notes Seattle-based sex and intimacy coach Will Fredericks.
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Fire up some friendly competition

The romantic bistro in town is always booked solid—so why not skip it and go bowling instead? "Play is incredibly important when it comes to romance," says Wiley. Not only that, but competition creates a testosterone boost that'll ignite your post-game desire.

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Get a whiff of him

Sounds gross, but studies have found that sniffing a guy's sweat boosts hormone levels and can enhance mood and sexual desire. Give him a post-gym hug or hang out around the house in one of his sweatshirts and smell the love.

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Eat a fruit salad

Kiwis and mangos are loaded with Vitamin E, which increases blood flow everywhere, including below the belt, explains Joey Shulman, a nutritionist and author of The Last Fifteen. "Bananas have potassium, aiding muscle strength. And pomegranates have loads of antioxidants, which increase blood flow as well." Not only that, but having this on hand for dessert won't make you feel bloated the way the sinfully rich chocolate cake would.
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Read all about it

Thinking about sexual ideas and thoughts has been found to enhance testosterone in women, and reading an erotic novel can get your brain in gear so your body's ready for action once you slip between the sheets. "Not only does reading sexy scenes start the biochemical process of arousal, but it may give you some new ideas to add to your sexual repertoire," notes Fredericks. Download some erotic books on your Kindle and read a page whenever you need a boost during the day. So over 50 Shades? Try a sexy anthology, like Cleis Press Best Women's Erotica 2013. Or go virtual (and free), and log on to literotica.com for some user-generated literary smut.
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Wear red

It's the color of love for a reason. Studies have found that the shade can attract a guy's attention. Slipping into a little red dress will cause him to look twice, and the boost of confidence you'll get at feeling desired will enhance your own desire, says Wiley.

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