10 moves to feel happier

Positive personality traits to improve you overall sense of well-being
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Just as you strengthen muscles by using them, you can tone your positive personality traits, such as optimism. Adults who spent time exercising character strengths improved them -- and their overall sense of well-being -- better than a control group, according to a new study from the University of Zurich. Try these moves, no sneakers required!

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The Reach-Out


Write a letter or an e-mail to someone who has supported you or gone out of her way for you recently, and let her know that it mattered. Expressing gratitude can elicit positive emotions, which play a key role in boosting your mood, researchers say.

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The Joint Effort


Lacking motivation to do the things you really want to do? Surround yourself with an energetic crowd--at a sporting event, an uplifting seminar, or even an aerobics class. Enthusiasm can be contagious and habit forming.

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The Door Opener


Think about a situation in which you lost out on something, whether the cause was bad luck or bad timing. Write it down, then identify a door that opened because of that closed one. This move helps you look on the bright side.

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The Deeper Dig


Rather than simply wondering about a topic of interest (oysters? art?), probe further. Read an article or go to an exhibit. Journal about your experience or recap it on Facebook. Learning -- and sharing knowledge -- foster curiosity.

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The Reminiscence


Flipping through family photos gives you a sweet mood boost of 11%, researchers found. That even beats eating chocolate, drinking alcohol, and watching TV. Set a few photos as your computer background for around-the-clock mood spikes.

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The Good-Mood Munchies


Talk about mood food: walnuts are packed with omega-3 fats, which ward off depression, say researchers from the University of Pittsburgh. Other great sources include salmon, flaxseed, and spinach.

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The Sunshine Factor


Letting a little light shine goes a long way, especially when you first wake up. Women who absorbed the most morning light reported better moods and sleep, found one study. For a bonus boost, pair early sunshine with exercise and amplify light's effects.

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The Laugh Track


Chuckling actually changes your brain, found Stanford University researchers. MRI scans showed the release of feel-good dopamine, a natural opiate, when subjects laughed. Next time you're stressed, watch a funny video clip and let out a guffaw -- it's good for you!

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The Sniff Test


Smell your way to serenity with fragrant candles or essential oils. Your nose knows best: an Austrian study found that the scents of orange and lavender made participants more positive, less anxious, and calmer than those who went fragrance free.

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