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  • Man with trouble breathing // Man with trouble breathing - Mixa | Getty Images

    What to do when COPD symptoms get worse

    When the symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease get worse, it's important not to ignore them. Your goal is to keep your lungs working as well as possible. To help control worsening symptoms of COPD, be aware of the early warning signs of change.

  • MS - muscle spasms - image courtesy of HealthGrades // MS - muscle spasms

    9 ways MS can impact your body

    Multiple sclerosis can affect your brain, spinal cord, and eyes (optic nerves). The good news is that with the treatments available today, most people with MS do not become severely disabled and have a normal life expectancy. Learn more.

  • Salmon // Salmon - Monty Rakusen | Getty Images

    Can you eat to beat rheumatoid arthritis?

    Some doctors believe what you eat could affect your rheumatoid arthritis. Even though studies don't favor a specific special diet, eating healthy can help you stay in shape and maybe even feel better. Learn more.

  • Feet // Feet - Charlie Edwards | Getty Images

    Understanding diabetic nerve pain

    Do you have numbness, tingling or burning in your feet, hands, arms or legs? You may have diabetic neuropathy - a nerve disorder that is the number one complication of diabetes. If mismanaged, diabetic neuropathy can lead to problems throughout the body.

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  • Migraine headache - Jamie Grill | Getty Images // Migraine headache

    Coping tips for chronic migraine sufferers

    Roughly 2 percent of people in the United States suffer with chronic migraine. Dr. Alexander Mauskopf, a headache specialist, recommends these 7 coping tips

  • Antidepressants - Courtesy of HealthGrades // Antidepressants

    Deciding between antidepressants

    Choosing an antidepressant is a trial-and-error process. This means your first drug prescribed may or may not effectively treat depression. Or it may cause mild side effects. Therefore, patients are often advised to pick a drug based on which side effects you most want to avoid.

  • Swimming // Swimming - Digital Vision | Getty Images

    Exercise prescription for diabetes

    Exercise is excellent medicine for keeping your heart healthy. It's just as important for type 2 diabetes. This is the kind of diabetes that tends to develop gradually, often in response to excess weight or lack of physical activity.

  • Woman with addition problem // Woman with addiction problem - Brand X Pictures | Getty Images

    Kicking your painkiller habit

    Medications for opioid addiction help prevent or ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. Although sometimes criticized as "replacing one addiction with another," these medications can restore normalcy to people's lives and enhance their motivation to change.

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