Calorie-cutting kitchen gear

6 slim-down tools that make weight loss easy.
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No gadget will lose the weight for you—but the right kitchen gear can make losing pounds a whole lot easier. (Not to mention more fun!) Check out these six tools that any health-conscious cook will love.

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Slimware plates

These make portion control simple. Each flower represents a nutritionist-approved portion of veggies (left), protein (center) or carbohydrates (right). ($37.50 for a set of 4, )

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Savora oil mister

Lighten up your salads and sautés by spritzing on heart-healthy olive oil with this mister ($25 each, ). (Don’t limit your oil to the kitchen! Find out which oil can erase dark skin spots naturally.)

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The Dreamfarm Vebo

You'll cook veggies more often once you have this all-in-one steamer, boiler and strainer that bends to fit any pot ($30,

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The Perfect Portions food scale

This scale calculates nutritional info based on weight and displays it in a "Nutrition Facts" box like the one you're used to seeing on packaged goods ($50,

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Cuisipro Herb Keeper

Diet-friendly fresh herbs last longer in the refrigerator when you store them in the Cuisipro Herb Keeper ($21, ).

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Prepara volcano fillable ice pop molds

For a healthy ice-cream alternative, pour fresh juice into these easy-to-use molds ($10 for a set of 4, Can’t wait? Blend up one of these 25 delectable detox smoothies.

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