27 gift ideas for the health nut (or wannabe health nut)

The healthiest people we know have two big things in common: a love for fitness that anyone would envy and a kitchen equipped for whipping up the most delicious, good-for-you food on the planet. These gifts, handpicked for our holiday gift guide, will help anyone live well, without any of that “Are you implying something with this fitness-related gift?” awkwardness. Shop away!
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For the Zen girl with a lot of stuff

Zobha Essential Mat Carrier, $56, zobha.com
This yoga bag is called "essential" for a reason: It has pockets. Its pockets have pockets. Practically our entire Bikram class wanted to know where we got it.

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For the athlete who deserves another medal

Erica Sara Race Bling Collection, $50-$118, ericasaradesigns.com
This entire jewelry collection was created to pump up runners and triathletes. Designer Erica Sara can custom-engrave your recipient's name and finishing time—or if there's a big race she's training for, gift this to tell her you're cheering her on, and Erica will engrave her time after she succeeds. Neat!

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For the city girl

2013 Schwinn Signature Cutter, $440, schwinnbikes.com
If she's talked about how she's determined to turn into a bike commuter, Schwinn's Cutter has just what she needs—like a sturdy-but-light frame and the ability to flip from fixed to single-speed—and you can snag it without the intimidation of walking into a hard-core bike shop. Oh, and the mint color is gorgeous.

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For the techy fitnessista

Cateye Fit, $80, amazon.com
We love this little gadget for two reasons: It's a cyclo-computer she can snap onto her bike to track her epic distances, time and calories, but once she hops off, it’ll also track the same stats for her paces. (No lame hip attachment either.)

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For the rain-or-shine runner

Mizuno Cabrakan Jacket, $75, mizunousa.com
If her dedication to getting in a run knows no bounds—hey, that marathon won't finish itself—she can throw on this lightweight rain shell. When the downpour lets up, the jacket packs into itself and has an elastic strap, so she can slide it onto her arm and keep going. We like it so much, we've even started carrying one in our everyday bag in case of emergency showers.

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For the yoga gal who has everything

Dormtiques Custom Yoga Mat, $40, mycustomyogamat.com
Consider a custom option for your Zen friend: a monogrammed yoga mat that matches her personality. Make the gift extra special by getting her a pack of classes to her favorite studio, or to a new one she's been dying to try.

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For the jet-setting yogini

Electric Yoga Anti-Slip Yoga Pants, $98, electric-yoga.com
No yoga mat? No problem. The foot section of these pants is grippy like a mat, so it's like having one built in. Kind of perfect for a traveling gal who can't pack a yoga studio in a suitcase but who can't bear to skip a class either.

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For the fab snowboarder

Torah Bright 10K Shell Birch Pants, $180, roxy.com
To say we love everything in Olympic snowboarder Torah Bright's collection for Roxy is an understatement, but these pants are our favorite piece. The slim cut is great for her ride. And the style? Well, just look.

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For the treadmill die-hard

Avia Mantis Sneakers, $80, avia.com
The '80s brand Avia has relaunched, and its stuff looks and feels damn good. That's why Mantis sneakers are on our list: somehow a brilliant balance between lightweight and supportive, and also completely adorable. They carried an Ironman competitor across the finish line, so they'll definitely work well on her treadmill.

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For the cold-weather outdoorswoman

Nobis Charlie Fargo Cap, $70, nobis.ca
Whether she's into snowy hikes or other frigid excursions, the faux-fur Charlie cap is what's going to keep her warm and dry. It's made in Canada, so you better believe it's been tested in the elements.

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