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Aug 20, 2013 8:48PM on Daily AppleBy Anne Hurley

Moms who eat junk food while pregnant are more likely to have kids with mental issues.

Jun 28, 2013 7:53PM on Daily AppleBy Sally Wadyka

New reproductive technology adds a third 'parent' to the mix.

Jun 20, 2013 6:41PM on Daily AppleBy Sally Wadyka

Does choosing natural childbirth mean the duchess is a better mom?

May 29, 2013 10:56PM on Daily AppleBy Anne Hurley

'Dolphin-assisted underwater birth' is a growing trend -- but should it be?

May 3, 2013 9:30PM on Daily AppleBy Anne Hurley

Making the baby 'more real' helps fathers emotionally commit.

Feb 14, 2013 6:39PM on Daily AppleBy Sally Wadyka

Does dad’s age matter less than mom’s?

Jan 2, 2013 8:05PM on Daily AppleBy Christine L. Chen

How soon is too soon to have another baby – for you and for baby?

Dec 4, 2012 3:09PM on Daily AppleBy Sally Wadyka

What are the health risks of dealing with a pregnancy in the public eye?

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