Dec 10, 2013 12:00PM

A lot of the health problems are from our own doing.  I support and feel we need “The Safe Chemical Act” and I hope that you will too by contacting your senator.  This law will put the burden of prove on the chemical manufactures that their products are safe.  I was an employee at a chemical manufacturing plant in Calvert City, Kentucky for over sixteen years and served on the emergency squad.  I observed preventable chemical releases sometimes several in the same week that had a terrible effect on the environment and safety for me and others.  I as a member of the emergency squad I would respond to the chemical releases when the plant alarms sounded.  I reported to OSHA and EPA a complaint of employees sleeping on the job which in my opinion was the root cause of most of the releases.  I had already reported to my supervisors and managers to no avail.  OSHA and I worked together for over six months as the chemical releases continued to occur and OSHA cited and fined the company on multiple serious violations.  Within a few days of the company being cited and fined I was fired.  OSHA sent to me a thank you letter for my help in correcting the problems but however refused to hear my case.  Later my attorney told me that the law required that OSHA couldn’t close a case until a hearing was conducted.  However OSHA continued to refuse to hear the case after multiple requests.  My attorney told me I could sue OSHA however since OSHA was a government agency if we were to win the law suit they would just claim immunity.  We are taught to believe there are laws in place to protect us.  In reality those laws do exist however the decision to enforce those laws are purely in the hands of the regulators who are well aware they can choose what they want to enforce or not to enforce.  In other words they can choose to deny your rights as they did me.  If a citizen takes legal action they can play the immunity card.  I also found out that if OSHA doesn’t intervene any legal action you take in court will receive summary judgment.  There are very few laws that protect workers in Kentucky and what make it worse are the corrupt regulators that won’t follow the laws set by the people knowing that they have immunity.  After experiencing a broken and dysfunctional system I moved on and found employment elsewhere.

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