At MSN Healthy Living, we have two primary objectives -- to provide you with reliable, credible and detailed information to answer your health and fitness questions both big and small, and to make this information easy to find and use. Our Medical Advisory Board provides expert professional perspectives on emerging trends in disease treatment and condition management, as well as guidance for preventative health care options. Through partnerships with award-winning content providers and exclusive medically reviewed health content, MSN Healthy Living seeks to provide you with the information you need to better your health.

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Editorial Policy

Our mission at MSN Healthy Living is to provide trustworthy, easy-to-use content and tools that help you manage your health. To that end, we aggregate content from several trusted sources, like the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, Rodale and HealthDay, as well as accredited experts on various health and fitness topics. Members of our Medical Advisory Board provide their insights and expertise on emerging healthcare trends, disease treatment options and preventive care methods. This guidance enables us to create, gather and deliver high-quality, timely and credible information.

Content on MSN Healthy Living does not replace the advice of a doctor or health professional.
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